Weekend Update

Yes, I am alive. I’ve just been working most of the weekend. Day job-related work. On Saturday I spent about 6 hours writing code and documenting said code. On Sunday I spent about 6 hours putting together a 52-slide PowerPoint slide deck in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.

Still, I managed to get a few other things despite the day job work:

  • So far, I’ve written a little more than 2,000 words of fiction over the weekend, 1,200 words yesterday and a little over 800 (so far) today.
  • Grilled for the second time this season yesterday evening. Simple grilled chicken, but it was still good.
  • Took the Little Man to T-ball this morning.
  • Squeezed in reading here and there where I could manage.

I’m not particularly fond of weekends like these where it seems like most of my time is spent working, but being able to continue writing fiction in the evenings (or late this afternoon, as the case may be) is a kind of anodyne to the work. I’ve written for 53 consecutive days now, and I’m fast approaching 50,000 words of fiction since February 27th.

I have a busy week in the office this week, but I am looking forward to my writer’s group this week. And, of course, I’m very excited about the part of my story that I am currently working on and hope to make good progress on that this week as well.

Did everyone else have a good weekend?


  1. Hi – thanks for the great stuff you put out!

    A bit more practice then you can keep with the rest of us!?

    Oh – 52 slides is 32 too many

    Good night from Johannesburg

  2. Sent a response – does not show up – maybe I’m blocked – or did not register or login. 2:18am … Good Night

  3. It was a good weekend. I’m a pastor, so weekends are busy. But I had some time to unwind with our family. One of my sons went in to my office with me and I gave him a going paperless demo of Evernote with ScanSnap per your recommendation. Thanks for the tips.


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