Upcoming Theme Changes to the Blog

I have been using the SubtleFlux theme for a long time now. I like the look and feel of the theme, which I have customized quite a bit. That said, the SubtleFlux theme is no longer actively supported and doesn’t support some of the newer functions built into WordPress. So, over the next week or so, I’ll be moving to a new theme. Ultimately, the look and feel should remain the same. The new theme will simply allow me to take advantage of some additional functionality.

That said, you may see some things change here temporarily as I install the new theme, and then apply my customizations to get it to look as much like the current theme as possible. Just a heads-up that the changes should be temporary. I’ll let you know when the work is done1

  1. Strictly speaking, I should do the work on a test version of the site first, but I don’t have a test version. I am working on creating one, but my time is limited and I’m more anxious to update the theme at this point.

One comment

  1. This sounds interesting. I am working on a new wordpress blog site at the moment to replace my defunct posterous site. Temporarily it is using a FREE theme (CatchBox). I am currently concentrating on content but looking at the benefits of a paid for theme using one of the main frameworks and being a “responsive” theme to get all of the functionality I would like to use.
    I really hope you will blog on your experiences of setting up whatever theme you have chosen as I enjoy your analysis of paperless life (it was the evernote paperless stuff that got me here originally), your writing practices/habits, and use of tools to assist in your aims.


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