I Sleep Better In Maine

I always forget how well I sleep up in Maine. It is quiet, peaceful, very dark (until about 4:30am). I tend to have these wonderful, dreamless sleeps that I virtually never have at home. This has always been an intuitive thing, but I finally have some evidence to back it up–thanks to my FitBit Flex. Here is my sleep pattern for last night, as well as my sleep pattern for the previous six nights.

Maine Sleep

The red lines indicate times I was awake. The light blue lines indicate when I was restless. I generally toss and turn quite a bit through the night, but you’ll notice that last night, I barely did. The one time I was up in the middle of the night, between 2-3am, was because I had to take the Little Man to the bathroom.

I had planned to get up very early this morning, but I slept and it was very nice. I ended up getting up close to 6:30. I went for a nice (foggy) walk and now the kids are playing and I’m catching up on some email and doing a little reading.

I love being on vacation.



  1. We call it Vacationland for a reason! I can’t imagine living anywhere else (and every time I leave I’m reminded why…) Enjoy your vacation!

  2. This is excellent to hear — I am on my way to “Vacationland” tomorrow through the weekend! I need some good sleep. And hiking. And lobster everyday.


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