Poll Results: No Newsletter for the Blog

More than 50 of you spoke out and voted in my poll last week, and the results was a resounding, no. There does not appear to be a demand for a newsletter for this blog. That is something of a relief, to be honest, because if such a demand existed, I’d be hard-pressed to find the time to squeeze it in. For people who want to see a breakdown of the poll results, here you go:

Newsletter Votes

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


  1. Jamie, I’m sorry I missed out on the opportunity to vote on this poll. I would have loved a biweekly newsletter. The Going Paperless Posts definitely resonate with me the most, but I love all the tracking and measurement posts as well. Hypothetically, what additional content were you thinking of sharing via newsletter? How different would it have been from the blog?

    Will continue with my RSS subscription, obviously, and looking forward to your posts. – Chris


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