What My Novel Manuscript Looks Like

Remember how I finished the first draft of my first novel back in September? I set it aside to work on short stories and plan to come back to it in December to begin the process of writing a second draft, which is a complete rewrite for me.

Now, I realize that I am the “paperless” guy, but I just had to see what the first draft looked like when printed out. After all, it is my first novel. So last night, I moved the draft from Google Docs into Scrivener so that I could compile a manuscript. I printed out the manuscript today and this is the result1:

Novel Manuscript

The draft came in at 92,000 words, once I eliminated my notes from the manuscript. The printed draft is 390 pages long and looks to be over 2 inches thick!

I know it is a little silly to print it out, but there is something that feels good about actually holding the manuscript that I spent 5-1/2 months producing. And the paper will not go to waste. After I am done with it, it will supply plenty of great drawing paper for the kids.

  1. One of the Little Man’s many Hot Wheels cars is sitting beside the manuscript, paused in admiration of such a remarkably thick sheaf of paper.

One comment

  1. Well, I imagine paperless is kind of like a fast or a diet. Every once an a while you splurge! I printed out my manuscript two sheets to a page on 8.5X14 paper that I found in the back of my closet. Like 4 reams, so I’ll probably print the next draft that way, too. It feels more like a book to me. Oh, and thanks Scrivener for the remarkable ability to format.


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