Another Benefit to Audiobooks

I discovered another benefit to audiobooks today while home sick in bed. On those rare occasions when I am feeling sick enough to stay in bed, I like to read. But usually, when I am that sick, I can’t seem to get my eyes and mind to cooperate and focus on the page (printed or digital) to make the reading enjoyable. Thus, I usually just end up dozing off, wishing I could read, but not actually reading.

With audiobooks, as I discovered today, I don’t have the same problem. I continued the book I was listening to (it happened to be Stephen King’s The Library Policeman) and ended up finishing it. It didn’t matter that I’d taken medication and probably couldn’t have finished the book if I had been reading it off the page. Listening to it was perfectly find and equally satisfying.

Before giving audiobooks a try back in February, I know that I frequently said I never thought they’d work for me. I can’t think of a single example where I had been so wrong in my life.


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  1. I am a longtime listener and use audible books to fill my commute and air travel. I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep while listening to a book and had to search backwards to restart at a known point after waking. It’s sort of like opening to the wrong page and getting ahead in the story a bit before realizing you’ve made the jump.

    On the good news side, all of these episodes have occurred at 35,000 feet when someone else was driving.

    Feel better.


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