Epic Eggnog Fail

All of the evening chores were done. The kids had their bath and were in their pajamas. The Little Miss was watching Caillou. We could finally relax. As I do every evening this time of year, I went downstairs to get a glass of eggnog. I came upstairs and set it down on the end table. I asked the Little Man to scoot over and I grabbed a pillow for him.

The pillow that I grabbed moved back on a collision course with my glass of eggnog. The while glass spilled onto the end table. But it didn’t quite cover the end table. It coated part of the end table, part of my Chromebook, part of my iPhone, and part of my FitBit Flex, which I had taken off to charge.

The good news: none of my devices were damaged by the eggnog.

The bad news: what a horrible waste of eggnog!

Although I suppose it could have been worse. As someone on Twitter pointed out, the eggnog could have been spiked with rum.

There was a silver lining to this. Or, let’s call it a cream-colored lining. The Little Man, who has in his four years spilled his share of drinks, finally got to see Daddy spill something. It doesn’t just happen to little kids. Or does it? That would explain a lot.


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