Going Paperless: My Paperless Year in Review

Let me say from the start that there are no new tips in this post this week. There are, however, lots of links to tips I’ve given throughout the year. I wanted to take at least one post, here at the end of the year, to look back and see where I’ve been, since I’ve already discussed where I am going.

I try to do one Going Paperless post a week, usually on Tuesdays. Sometimes, I’m a day late, and sometimes I’m so busy that I just have to skip a week. This year, however, I did pretty good. By my count there were a grand total of 48 new Going Paperless posts. Add to that the two rerun posts I made the last two weeks, plus this post, and it brings the grand total to 51 posts out of 52 weeks. Not to shabby, if you ask me.

Here are the 10 most popular Going Paperless posts I made for 2013:

  1. A Closer Look at How I Organize My Notes in Evernote (January 29)
  2. Scanning to Evernote, Revisited (April 30)
  3. How Penultimate and Evernote Have Replaced My Pocket Notebook (January 15)
  4. My Virtual Bookcases in Evernote (April 17)
  5. Getting “9 Things” Done with Penultimate and Evernote (January 22)
  6. The Going Paperless FAQ (February 26)
  7. 7 Ways I Use Reminders in Evernote to Avoid Embarrassing Myself (September 17)
  8. More Tips for Using Evernote as a Timeline (Plus Reminders!) (June 18)
  9. Digitizing Old Letters (June 11)
  10. A Primer for Going Paperless in 2014 (November 26)

I’ve already written about where things are going in 2014, but I wanted to remind everyone that Evernote will be holding another Paperless Challenge in January. This will be the third Paperless Challenge that I have participated in, and each one is a lot of fun. There are some good things planned for this one, so if you are thinking of going paperless in 2014, stay-tuned for more information on the paperless challenge.

Once again, I want to thank all of the readers, and everyone who takes the time to comment on the Going Paperless posts, or send me an email. I wish you all a very safe, happy New Year. See you all in 2014.

If you have a suggestion for a future Going Paperless post, let know me. Send it to me at feedback [at] jamietoddrubin.com. As always, this post and all of my Going Paperless posts is also available on Pinterest.

Last week’s post: Rerun: How I Replaced My Pocket Notebook with Penultimate and Evernote.

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