Why I Don’t Play Golf / Why I’ve Never Run Away with the Circus

It is important to learn what you are not good at as early as possible. Fortunately, I learned pretty early that I was not cut out for at least two things. I’m not cut out to be the strongman in the circus. I tried it once. It was rather humiliating.

Kindergarten, circa 1977/78 at MacAfee Road School in Somerset, NJ

And then there is golf. I seem to come from a family golfers. It’s never been my think despite the various attempts on my family to get me to like the so-called sport. It started early, and I think I took one look at the golfer’s attire and said, “Uh, no.”

Backyard in Somerset, NJ, sometime in 1975 or 76 I think. I apologize for the pants.

And now you probably understand why I don’t play golf, and why I’ve never run away with the circus.


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