180 Consecutive Days (Half a Year) of Writing

Just a few minutes ago, I finished up my writing for today, and with that writing, I officially reached 180 consecutive days of writing. Put another way, that is half a year without missing a day of writing. Here is what it looks like:

Half a Year of Writing

For people curious about the numbers, the 180 consecutive days have netted me 179,000 words, which averages to a hair under 1,000 words/day. During this time, I finished the draft of my first novel, and wrote 11 drafts of 4 different stories. I sold one of those stories, am waiting to hear on two of them, and am about to start the second draft of the most recent one.

It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve now written half a year without missing a day, but it seems even more remarkable to me that if you go back to late February of last year, I have, as of today written 323 out of the last 325 days.

It’s a good way to start the weekend.


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