I Made It Through the Day — and Now I’m Wiped Out

This morning, I held the first part of the Evernote/Paperless seminar I was invited to give to a group of doctoral students, and I think it went pretty well. Good discussion, and smart people, and that always makes for a good mix.

We had lunch, and then I gave a lecture to a larger group made up mostly of faculty and administration staff. The lecture was a broader introduction to how you can use Evernote to go paperless and increase productivity. I’m not sure how many people were in the room, but it was a pretty big room, and it was full. If you don’t believe me, you can just check out this picture on Twitter.

For dinner, we went for ribs at Hammerhead’s, and it was fantastic.

Now I’m back in my suite, and totally exhausted. So much so that I’m going to push this week’s Going Paperless post to Wednesday. I just need a break. I’m going watch a few episode of Modern Family to let me brain unwind, and then sleep.

In the morning, I’ve got the second part of the seminar, which should be really good. Then lunch, and after that I head to the airport to fly home. I miss the family and can’t wait to see them.


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