Another Yankee Loss Last Night

Like they say, it’s early in the season and the championship is never decided in April. Still, you’d like to see at least a glimmer from your team. The Yanks, while much more settled defensively than last night, seem fairly quiet at the plate, and abysmal when it comes to runners in scoring position.

Here’s my scorecard for the Yanks last in last night’s game against Houston:

Yankees Game 2 Vis

The had some hits, but only one (Beltran in the 8th) had an extra base hit. And with runners in scoring position? They basically scored when, with a runner on first and third and no one out, Solarte came up and hit into a double play, allowing Brian Roberts to score. It doesn’t even count as an RBI!

On the other hand, Houston didn’t get as many hits, but look at the hits they did get:

Yankees Game 2 Home

Second pitch of their first at-bat and Fowler hit a home run. In his next at-bat, he hits a triple, getting the two most difficult hits for the cycle out of the way in rapid order (he almost singled in the 6th).  Then there’s another triple in the 6th and another home run in the 7th. Sigh!

Hopefully the Yanks can pull things together and avoid the sweep tonight before flying up to Toronto.



  1. I love to score and I know every scorer has his own ‘way’. Anything you like to do that others might not? Or things you just like to do?

    As a native New Yorker (Flushing) GO YANKEES!

    1. Bryan, Flushing and a Yankees fan!? I’m impressed. I grew up the sole Yankees fan in a family of Mets fans. I like to say that I’m the only normal one in the family. 😉

      I don’t know that I do anything others might not do, not really knowing what others do or don’t do. I generally use a 4-color pen to keep score, marking outs in red so that they are easier to see. I like tracking pitch sequences and counts on which hits take place. And I’m not as good with scoring for National League games as I am American League games.

  2. HAHAHA, family is from Brooklyn (Dad grew up in the shadow of Ebbets Field) so no team in Flushing would have our loyalty (Thanks Mr. Moses)!

    Love your system and pitch tracking…multicolor pen is genius!


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