Site Issue This Morning

As some of you may have noted, there was an issue accessing this site beginning at around 8:45 am EDT. I checked with my host, GoDaddy, and they said it was a know issue and techs were working on the problem. While I was on the phone with them the site started to come back online. I imagine that it will be a little flaky for a while and then return to normal.

I wanted to apologize for the outage. I know that these things can be frustrating and I try to keep things well-maintained here to avoid these kinds of problems, but this one was out of my hands. If you’re curious as to what a site outage looks like in terms of the back end, here is a screen capture of the “real-time” Google Analytics data for the site before, during, and after the outage:

Site outage

I also wanted to mention that overall, GoDaddy has been a terrific hosting service. This is the first significant outage I’ve had in well over a year. The site was down today for approximately 25 minutes. If you do the math, that is an overall uptime of 99.99995%. I’d say that’s a pretty darn good uptime.

Once again, sorry for the outage, and as I mentioned, things might be a little flaky here for a while as they techs work to stabilize the servers.

One comment

  1. Ugh, you use GoDaddy? I am not a fan of them or their unethical business practices. My unsolicited advice is to find another hosting company (any other hosting company) as soon as you can, and if you have your domains registered there especially to find a new domain registrar. No matter who you use it’s always a bad idea to use the same company for hosting and domain registration, and if GoDaddy is any part of the equation you are always at risk for having your site held hostage for exorbitant fees.

    It’s one of the few companies I’ll come out and say bad things about it without much in the way of prompting.


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