Evernote Ambassadors

As an Evernote ambassador for paperless living, I write a lot about how I use Evernote to go paperless, and automate things in my life. But Evernote can be used for much more than just going paperless. It can be used by students and teachers, but small and large businesses, by artists, foodies, bloggers, photographers, and much more. On Monday on Twitter, I highlighted some of the other great Evernote ambassadors that are out there doing really cool stuff with Evernote. In case you missed it there, I’ve collected the tweets below. Be sure to check out these folks. They show how Evernote can go far beyond paperless.

There are many more ambassadors, both in the U.S. and across the world. You can find all of the Evernote ambassadors on Evernote’s community page.


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