My Current Writing Microstreak

I no longer look at my automated Daily Almanac writing entries that are sent to Evernote each day. Usually I glance at them once in a while, but I happened to glance at the one for yesterday, and noticed that I have a microstreak going at the moment.


You can see that my consecutive writing day streak now resides at 287 days, and I’ve written 430 out of the last 432 days. But it was the microstreak that interested me most this morning.

I’ve hit my daily goal for the last 16 consecutive days.

Those who follow along know that first and foremost, I try to write every day. I do have a target that I like to hit, which is current 500 words/day, but that is not my primary motivation. Mostly, I’m just trying to find time to get in some writing each day. Now, I see that I’ve actually exceeded my daily goal of 500 words for 16 consecutive days.

My automated writing tracker scripts keep track of all sorts of streaks and records for me, and I found that my best streak of consecutive days of beating my goal is 33 days. So at 16 days, I’m about halfway there.

During this current microstreak, I’ve written over 15,000 words and averaged 967 words/day, almost double what my daily goal is. That’s pretty cool.


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