My Life in Weeks

Yesterday, I saw a fascinating post that posed an interesting way to look at the events in one lifetime. The post, entitled, “Your Life in Weeks,” provided an interesting graphic of what a lifetime looks like when broken out into weeks. It identified several phases of what would be typical for someone living in the United States. I was fascinated by this approach, and so I attempted my own version of it, with an emphasis on my writing life. Here is the result, and below are notes keyed to the numbers in the chart. Note that the 0 year, 0 week at the very top left is my birthday, so the weeks and years are relative to that, as opposed to the New Year.

My Life In Weeks
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  1. Started Junior High School.
  2. Started High School.
  3. Started College.
  4. Started writing and submitting stories (January 1993)
  5. Graduated from college (June 1994)
  6. Started at my day job (October 1994). The light purple shading represents the time I’ve spent at my day job, the same job which I hold today. And let me help you with the math: this October will be 20 years.
  7. My first story sale (January 2007). Note the gap between the time I started writing and submitting stories (#4) and this first sale.
  8. The Little Man is born.
  9. The Little Miss is born

All of the orange squares represent stories or articles that I sold and were published in various magazines, so you can see them in relation to that first sale as well as other events in my life.

The red square in Year 42, Week 13 is today.

I really like this way of looking at the events that take place in your life relative to one another. I used a Google Spreadsheet to create the weeks of my life and it was surprisingly easy to do to.

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  1. This is a fascinating way of looking at things, Jamie. Makes me think about doing one that would track all of my USAF assignments, etc.

    Very cool!


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