A Stroll into the Office

The old car wouldn’t start this morning. I’m almost certain it’s the battery. We rarely use the old car. It’s there so that I can drive into work on Thursdays and Fridays when Kelly works from home. But this morning, it wouldn’t start. Kelly hasn’t been feeling well. She was sleeping when I left the house, and Thursday is a “sleep-in” day for the kids1. I didn’t want to awaken Kelly from her sleep, or spoil the kids’ sleep-in day. So I walked to work this morning.

It’s 5.5 miles from my house to the office, and more than half of it can be done via the lightly wooded bike paths, so that the first half of my walk looked like this:

Bike Path

I took nearly 2 hours to do the entire walk. (And for my FitBit friends, it came to just over 13,000 steps.) but it was pleasant. I listened to audiobooks and admired the sunrise and the bikers zipping by. But it did delay the start to my work day and today is a busy one. Kelly will be picking up this afternoon so that I don’t have to repeat the walk home. Not sure what I’ll do about tomorrow yet. I don’t think we have time to replace the battery today. That will have to wait until next week.

  1. Instead of getting up at 6 am and getting dressed so we can drop them off at school at 7 am, they can sleep in. Kelly takes them to school just before 9 am.


  1. Yikes.

    When my car died not long ago, I took a bus halfway (although the pass was out of date), and then walked the remainder–only a couple of miles. Less pretty terrain, though, by far.

  2. Not sure if you have AAA, but they will come out to your home and replace the battery. It may not be the best deal on a new battery but it sure is convenient.


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