Going Paperless Quick Tip: See Evernote Reminders in a Calendar with Sunrise

I have been using the Sunrise calendar app for a few years now, and recently, they introduced a new feature that greatly expands the applications with which Sunrise integrates. Previously, I’d used Sunrise to view my Google Calendars, as well as Facebook calendars, the latter mostly to see birthdays or events.

In it’s most recent release, Sunrise now allows you to integrate other applications, including Evernote, so that you can see all of your calendars and Evernote reminders in one place. I love being able to see my Evernote reminders on a calendar. Here is what it looks like on my iPhone:

Sunrise iPhone

In the above image, you can see that I have items from my Google Calendar (“Vacation in Maine”) as well as reminders from Evernote (“Changed filter in water”). There is a web-based desktop version that you can use on your laptop or desktop machine, and that version looks like this:

Sunrise Desktop
Click to enlarge

I used to use Sunrise exclusively on my iPhone, but since the latest version, I’ve replaced my desktop-based Google calendar with Sunrise because it is so convenient to have all of my calendar’s in one place.

Sunrise is easy to setup with other services. You simply add an account in the Add Account section, select the services that you want to add, and follow the instructions to integrate with those services. Folks who use tools like Asana (for to-do lists) or GitHub (for coding) will be pleased to see you can integrate calendars from those services as well.

Sunrise Add Account

The integration with Evernote has been particularly useful because I use Evernote reminders for more and more things, from keeping track of when freelance contracts expire, to reminding me when to change the water filter, or register the car. Now I can see these things all in one unified calendar, and that saves me time and frustration. And best of all, it lets me see the big picture all in one place.

And for those wondering, Sunrise is available for the desktop (via a browser), iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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  1. Thanks for this. Your timing couldn’t have been better. I’d not heard of Sunrise before, but I read this post just prior to my Google calendar mysteriously losing its auto-sync with Asana. I’ve installed Sunrise and am beginning to play around with it.

  2. Thanks for the overview.

    I have a couple of quick questions as I’ve been looking at calendar apps on my own as of late. I’m still trying to come up with an easy solution so hearing your answers may steer me one way or another.

    1) Why do you choose to store your reminders in Evernote as opposed to a “to-do” app like Wunderlist or Any.Do?
    2) Does giving Sunrise your credentials to services like iCloud and Evernote make you at all nervous? Most apps integrate with the built-in mail/calendar accounts on the iPhone, whereas Sunrise requires separate login to their server.

    I like using a ToDo app (currently AnyDo), because it holds tasks exclusively. In the past when I’ve tried to use Evernote my reminders and tasks get lost in the noise of my other notes. Having everything in one app would be great though!

    1. I do reminders in context. For example, if I scan in the car registration bill to Evernote, I’ll set a reminder on it for when it is due, so that when the reminder comes up, the thing I need is right there. My regular to-do list is todo.txt, and entirely outside of Evernote. Since I’m working on my to-do list every day, I don’t need reminders for those things.

      As far as allowing Sunrise access to Evernote, I don’t lose sleep over it. My own feeling is that I use good online security practices. That works for me. Everyone’s comfort level is different.


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