My New Macbook Air

On Friday, I got myself a brand new Macbook Air, the fruit of my labor from writing over the last several months. I got the 13″ model, essentially the mid-range, which is fine for what I need. I’ve only had it about a day, but I love it. Two things I especially like are its light weight and its backlit keyboard.

Tomorrow, I head to L.A. for work, and I have a lot of work to do on the plane, some related to the day-job and some related to writing. So tomorrow I will get to test out the 12 hour battery life of this thing and see how well it really holds up.

Getting the laptop was setup was relatively trivial, thanks in part to a playbook I have for what to install on new computers, and in what order so that I can be efficient about it. Then, too, since most of my documents are in the cloud, there was no need to copy back and forth a lot of stuff.

At this point, everything is synced up nicely. All of my Git projects have been pulled over, all of my TextExpander snippets, and my Keyboard Maestro macros, so it is like working at my desktop computer. Except on a small screen. And I can take it with me wherever I go.


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