Lazy, Low-Energy Saturday

Possibly because I am still recovering from the last few weeks of very intense work and long hours, possibly because I am still recovering from my trip to L.A., today turned out to be a lazy, low-energy day for me, very unusual, especially for a Saturday.

Kelly and the kids were gone most of the day. They left the house for various adventures at 8:30 in the morning, and didn’t get back home until 10 hours later. And what did I do during those 10 hours? I’d planned to go for a long walk, get a bunch of writing done, and a bunch of chores as well.

In reality, I spent most of the time on the couch. I finally finished the first volume of William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill, and started almost at once on the second volume. But until this evening, I did no writing at all. I lazed around all day, except for about an hour in the middle of the day when I found enough energy to clean all of the bathrooms in the house.

This evening, I finally sat down to write. I was planning to write the second draft of an article, and adding another scene to my story. I managed only to add the scene to the story, but it was an important step forward. I’d been struggling with this part of the story for months, writing, and rewriting, but never getting it right. Tonight, I decided to brute force my way through it, and it seemed to work! I feel pretty good about it.

We have quite a few things on the calendar for tomorrow, but it was nice to have a lazy day, even if it was unexpected.


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