Upcoming Reading, 9/2/2014

Now that I have started the final volume of the Churchill biography, The Last Lion, I am starting to think about what to read next. The three volumes amount to something well over 2,000 pages of detailed history, and I think I can use a little break from that. So here is what is on my upcoming reading list, once I finish this final volume1.

  • Coming Home by Jack McDevitt, the newest Alex and Chase novel, which Jack was kind enough to send me an early copy (the book doesn’t come out until early November).
  • Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes. I thought The Shining Girls was brilliant and I’ve looked forward to Lauren’s next book ever since.
  • Lock In by John Scalzi
  • Exo by Steven Gould, the next novel in the Jumper series. TOR was kind enough to send me an advanced copy of this one.
  • Killing Floor by Lee Child. Because I’ve never read a Jack Reacher book before.
  • Revival by Stephen King.

With those out of the way, I imagine I’ll feel refreshed. Then I plan on starting in on Winston Churchill’s 4-volume A History of the English Speaking Peoples.

The truth is, I make these lists and in practice, go with my gut at the time I’m ready to pick another book. But this gives you an idea of the book that I am eager to read in the near-term.

What’s on your reading list?

  1. Keep in mind, the final volume is the longest of the 3, some 53 hours in audiobook form, and 1,200 pages, so I’m probably 10 days-to-2 weeks from finishing.


  1. Whatever you do, don’t read the Killing Floor! Once you start the Reacher books it’s hard to stop! (I’m on my eight book in a row and I rarely read the same author more than twice in a row.)

    P.S. Everyone asks what order to read them in. I recommend reading the Reacher books in the order they were written.


  2. Reading I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes right now (about 1/3 through). It actually has a similar voice and tone to Killing Floor (1st person POV) and so far is AWESOME. Possibly the best book I’ve read in the last 2 years, assuming Mr. Hayes can keep up the good work for the remainder of the book.


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