The last blog post of 2014

I am spending New Year’s Eve in a hotel in the wilds of North Carolina with the family, the second of three legs of our long drive home from Florida. Tomorrow, January 1, we finally get home.

I still have a few “year-in-review” posts to write, but I am too tired from driving to work on those from the hotel room. All I want to do right now is wait for the kids to fall asleep so that Kelly and I can finish watching Going My Way1. Fortunately, I’ve already gotten my writing done today. Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, I wrote every single day in 2014. That makes me happy.

It is already 2015 in several time zones. Happy New Year to everyone, regardless of what time zone you are in. Stay safe! See you in 2015: Also known as Marty McFly’s future!

  1. It takes us, on average, 3 nights to watch a movie these days for a variety of reasons, all of them amounting to energy levels at the end of the day. Today is Day 3 of Going My Way and I’ve been looking forward to watching it all day. Yes, I’ve seen it before.

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