Blog stats for 2014

With 2014 officially over, I can report the final blog stats for 20141. The blog had a remarkable 1.3 million page views in 2014, and more than 600,000 visitors. I’m stunned when I consider those numbers. I can still remember the days when my blog got about 30 pages views per day. In 2014 that was up to an average of about 3,500 page views per day.

Here’s what the day-to-day stats looked like:

Blog stats for 2014

I haven’t tracked RSS traffic as closely as I used to. But when I looked this evening, I found that RSS traffic added an additional 425,000 page views. That brings the grand total to about 1.75 million page views in 2014. That is about double of what I had last year.

Thank you to everyone who comes to the site. I am grateful to have such a wonderful audience. I’ll do another post on the most popular posts of 2014, but right now, I have to give the kids a bath.

  1. Caveats apply. The stats come primarily from Google Analytics. The RSS stats come from Feedburner. All stats must be taken with a grain of salt.


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