Subscribing to the Blog

Please allow me just a moment of self-promotion. As I get the flame rekindled here, I wanted to remind folks of how you can subscribe to the blog, if you are interested in doing so.

The easiest way is through Feedly. I happened to glance at my blog feed on Feedly this morning and noted, with surprise, that I have nearly 3,000 readers subscribed there. (2,923 to be exact–just 77 short of 3,000.)

If you prefer other RSS readers, you can grab the RSS feed and paste it into your favorite reader.

In either of these cases, I publish full posts in the feeds, so you don’t have to worry about clicking back through to the main site. It annoys me when I can’t read full posts in Feedly, and so I make sure that doesn’t happen here.

Of course, you can always come here to read as well. And if you like what you read, tell a friend!


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