Veterans Day, 2016

This Veterans Day, I am reminded of my visit to the Grave of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey in the summer of 2007. The inscription there reads:

Beneath this stone rests the body
Of a British warrior
Unknown by name or rank
Brought from France to lie among
The most illustrious of the land
And buried here on Armistice Day
11 Nov: 1920, in the presence of
His Majesty King George V
His ministers of state
The chiefs of his forces
And a vast concourse of the nation
Thus are commemorated the many
Multitudes who during the Great
War of 1914 – 1918 gave the most that
Man can give life itself
For God
For King and country
For loved ones home and Empire
For the sacred cause of justice and
The freedom of the world
They buried him among the kings
Because he
Had done good toward God and
His house

Though the inscription is about British warriors, I think the sentiment applies here as well. I’m reminded of the scene in The Lord of the Rings when Aragorn tells the hobbits, “My friends, you kneel to no one.”

My thoughts today are with all those who have served, and those who are still serving our country.


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