Reader Request Week

Since rekindling things here on the blog back on November 1, 2016, I’ve been enjoy myself immensely writing about whatever I want. Rather than stick to one general theme (writing, technology, paperless) I’ve been trying my hand at anything that interests me. I’m not sure readers enjoy it as much as topical posts about writing, or tech, but I do.

Still, many people came to this blog originally because I wrote about writing, or about going paperless, or some other specific reason. So I wanted to give my readers the opportunity to suggest topics you’d like to see me write about. I thought I’d host a reader request week in the near future, where each day, I’d write a post based on a reader request I’d received.

Is there something you’d like to see my write about here on the blog? Drop your suggestions into the comments, or shoot me an email at jamie [at] jamietoddrubin [dot] com. It can be anything you’d be interested on hearing about from me. I’ll pick seven1 of the suggestions, and write short pieces based upon them. Those pieces will appear over the course of a week in the near-future.

Are there things you wish I’d write about more? Is there a particular topic I’ve never addressed that you are interested in hearing my take on? Now is your chance. Let me hear from you and I’ll do my best to rise to the challenge.

  1. Of course, I run the risk here of not getting seven suggestions, but I’ll take that chance for my readers.


  1. Great idea Jamie! I’d be interested to read a couple things: 1) How’s it going with Todoist? Are you still happy with it after a couple months, or considering something else like going back to a txt file? 2) If you had to contemplate the possibility of Evernote going away, what tool/system would you use instead?

  2. Hi, I also would be interested in why you switched over to Todoist and what was the thinking behind that decision.

  3. Hi Jamie – I would like to get some insights from you on how you share the use of apps (calendar, to-do lists) and digital assets (e-books, media) with your family. I find things like setting up a shared to-do list with someone at home a bit tricky to, first convincing others to get into it and make this part of their workflows (maybe the significant other swears by paper-and-pen). For media, I keep things separate due to different tastes for music and reading but sharing a Kindle library may be interesting something but is something I would have no idea how to do.

  4. Dear Jamie,
    I kind of stumbled upon your blog at around two years ago when I was looking for information on going paperless. On that matter I did a journey probably similar to the one that many do, as I got pretty much paperless and returned to a convenient paper / digital mix.
    I started reading your other posts and since then enjoy doing so; many thanks! If I may make a particular suggestion, I do really enjoy reading your road trip/travel posts.


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