Benefits and Drawbacks of Being an Older Dad

There are many benefits to being an older dad. I was 37 when our oldest was born. I was 39 when out next child was born. And I was 44 when our youngest was born. Being older means having a little more wisdom and experience, and maybe not freaking out as much about the inevitable worries that crop up while raising kids.

There are, however, occasional drawbacks to being an older dad. To pick one example at random: While holding the baby in one arm, and bending down to reach for the milk in the refrigerator, doing something anatomically inadvisable to your lower back. The phrase “shunting the trolley” comes to mind, and not in the ethical conundrum sense.

I doubt that younger dads abuse their backs reaching for the milk, although I suppose I could be wrong. (Another benefit of being an older dad: being able to admit when you are wrong.)


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