Writing What I Know

Write what you know! That old advice and my lack of writing on this blog might lead one to believe that I know nothing. I have neglected the blog far too long, but I was tired of the kinds of things I had been writing about. So I’ve decided to take that old advice and write about what I know–and love–reading.

I plan to start writing a weekly post on what I have been reading. I am not planning on writing book reviews. Instead, I plan on writing about the themes and items of interest I come across in my reading. I’ll write about my books and how I use them. I’ll write about my notions on applied reading. I’ll write about reading lists, and about my thoughts on book recommendations. I’ll write about libraries and bookstores. All of it will ultimately be tied to something I have read. To get a real sense of what I mean, you’ll just have to check it out, if you are so inclined.

The first post will appear on Tuesday, September 18. And since it is a kind of a debut post, I’ll use it to tell you why I read.

In the meantime, if you are interested in what I have read recently, you can check out my reading list. And if you take a peek over there in the sidebar, you can see what I am reading at the moment.

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