Reading Through the End of the Year

It just so happens that I am on vacation through the end of the year. Since what book I am reading often reminds me of what I was doing when I was reading it, I try to keep things a bit lighter when on vacation, although it doesn’t always work out that way. As we made the long drive down the I-95 corridor from Virginia to Florida, I finished listening to Jon Meacham’s excellent biography of George H. W. Bush, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush. I’ll have more to say on this book in a future post.

At present, I am re-reading One Man’s Meat by E. B. White. I think of that as an almost ideal vacation book, since the essays read like little idyllic windows into life on a Maine salt water farm in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

There are two books I’ve been working my way through slowly, savoring each phrase: Bing Crosby: Swinging on a Star: The War Years, 1940-1946 by Gary Giddins and A Dual Autobiography by Will and Ariel Durant. I’m planning on finish both these books while on vacation.

There are a few lists that I have been slowly trying to complete. Two of them are Modern Library’s Top 100 Fiction and To 100 Nonfiction books. Another is Sports Illustrated Top 100 Sports Books of All Time. I plan on tackling a few books from this latter list while on vacation, including The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn, and Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger.

I imagine this list will change slightly, as my reading list often does. But this is a pretty good look at what I’ll be reading through the end of the year.


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