Clearing My Head

We spent the last 4 days at Walt Disney World. We drove to our final destination late yesterday afternoon. Today was for relaxing and recuperating. It has been what in Maine they call a “rough day,” with high winds and occasional downpours. But around 4pm the wind died down a bit and the skies clear and I decided to head out for my traditional walk around the complex here.

I went with the idea of clearing my head. I made it about a quarter of the way around the loop and encountered this sign, which is new since our visit this summer.

I spent the remainder of my walk puzzling over who would win this particular battle. To me, the alligator looks like it’s laughing at the snake. The snake is the one that looks dangerous, although it appears to have looped its body over its neck, making it difficult to attack. I decided that was why the alligator was laughing. Then I realized that perhaps the snake was angry because the alligator was laughing at it, and that prior to tying itself in knots, the alligator and snake were perfectly content.

I continued my walk, attempting once again to clear my head, but I decided that perhaps there was some kind of analogy in this sign, the battle of the alligator and snake. I spent the rest of the walk trying to puzzle out what that analogy might be, and when I finally determined that no such analogy existed, and I could finally clear my head, I had completed the circle, and arrived back at our temporary home.

I’m not sure there is a moral here, but I’d certainly advise against reading signs while out on a walk to clear your head.


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