Some Reading Stats

I was looking at my reading stats the other day. I happened to make a table that presenting how many books I’ve read each month over the last 24-1/3 years, and noticed a few interesting things. I thought I’d share them here.

  • My list goes back to 1996. The first year in which I read at least one book every month of the year was 1998.
  • There are only two months over the last 24+ years during which I never failed to read at least one book: February and April. I have no idea why that is.
  • The longest stretch I have gone without reading a book is 5 months between September 2007 and January 2008. I know why. That was when I started dating the woman who is now my wife.
  • The longest consecutive streak of reading at least one book a month is at present 52 months and counting. The last time I didn’t read at least one book in month was January 2015.
  • The most books I’ve read in a month is 15 (twice). I might tie that record again, but I think it will be tough to beat.
  • I’ve read more books in March (99) than any other month. November has second place (84), followed by December in third place (82).
  • I’ve read the fewest books in July (56).
  • In 24-1/3 years, I’ve read, on average, just over 3 books per month.
  • Before 2013, that average is 2.5 books/month. Since 2013, that average is 5 books/month, or double what it was. Why? Audiobooks.
  • Last year (2018) was by far my best year as far as reading was concerned. I read 130 books. That’s an average of 11 books per month. I’m on track to read about 110 book in 2019.


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