Winter Moon

It has been cold here the last several days, and we are expecting snow Sunday and Monday. I’ve spent much of the day really getting to know Obsidian, and I’ll have more to say about it next week.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the winter moon early yesterday morning when I went out for a newspaper. (You can see it there in between all of the power lines.) I’m sure there is an optical sciences explanation as to why the moon never appears as large in photos as it does where you are standing out there looking at it. Although I prefer to think the moon is shy.

And speaking of MOON (B-O-O-K spells MOON!), I read yesterday that Stephen King is coming out with a second new book this year. The first one, Later, is being published by Hard Case Crime books (the same publishers who put out The Colorado Kid and Joyland. It’s due to be released on March 2.

The newest one to be announced is a book called Billy Summers by Scribner. This one is due out August 3.

I’m looking forward to both.


    1. I did check out Roam. Two things I noticed: (1) it seems to be somewhat hierarchical in its notes, which would make it a great tool for outlining and planning. (2) although it was hard to determine for sure from the information available, it seems like Roam notes are stored in a database, rather than as individual text files. (I could be wrong about this, as it was difficult to determine from their site). I prefer the latter for reasons I’ve listed in the post.


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