Recommendation: UsesThis

I am fascinated by how people work. It is part of the reason I love reading biographies. I’m always on the lookout for little nuggets of inspiration and ideas that I find when reading them. In a biography of Thomas Jefferson I learned about commonplace books. In a biography of John Quincy Adams, I stole his line-a-day diary idea as an index for my own diary. I’ve tried sharing my own methods on this blog, to say nothing of the interview I gave in Lifehacker’s How I Work Series back in 2014.

You can imagine, therefore, how delighted I was to come across UsesThis the other day while doing a Google search. UsesThis has short interviews with hundreds of people from all walks of life, talking about how they work and the tools that they use.

The site has interviews beginning way back in January 2009 and right through the present. It is fascinating to see how rapidly some tools change over that 12 years span.

If anyone has an interest in how people work and the tools they use, I’d urge you to check out UsesThis. It’s a whole lot of fun.



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