Fully Vaccinated

Two weeks ago today, I received my second Pfizer shot, and that means that I am now fully vaccinated from COVID, based on the official CDC definition. (Kelly was fully vaccinated as of yesterday.) It seems remarkable to me that 427 days after the first mention of “Coronavirus” in my diary, multiple vaccines were engineered, tested, deployed, and we are fully vaccinated. Walter Isaacson (and others) argue that biology and its disciplines are today what information technology was in the past. With these kinds of results, I’d have to agree.

I’d write more, but I’m still in the middle of my crunch time (another 14 hour day yesterday, another 5 or so hours of sleep last night). If I can find time, I’ll try to get to something with a little more meat posted today. Otherwise, there is always tomorrow–thanks in part to a vaccine.

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