Deck Reading, Deck Napping

Reading and napping on the deck

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I spent a lot of time out on our deck, reading. We have a deck tent for shade (and to keep mosquitoes and other critter out) and I took my book, and a root beer and lay on the couch and read. It is a pleasant place to read, with the sound of birds and nature around, and no distracting noises from television or video games.

After a while, my eyes grew heavy. I set down my book, and flatted the pillow I’d been leaning on, a dozed. I’m not sure I fell completely asleep, but hovered in that comfortable place just above sleep. It is possible that I fell completely asleep because Kelly came out looking for me and startled me awake.

I took my lunch out there and read while I ate. Later in the afternoon, when the sun had crossed the sky and started down in the west, I went back out, lay down and read again. Then, eyes growing heavy once more, I set my book aside and let my mind drift. It was relaxing. I don’t do that often enough, just let my mind drift like that.

We’ve been in this house nearly 2 years now, and our deck is one of my favorite features of the house. Spring is a great time to use it. The weather is warm enough to be comfortable, and not too hot to be unbearable.

It is overcast today, but I plan on heading back out on the deck as soon as I finish writing this. I may even nap a little in between chapters.


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