Call for Suggestions

My idea file for the blog has been running low lately and I haven’t had much time to fill it back up. I do plan on refilling it–sending off to Schenectady a la Harlan Ellison for batch of ideas. In the meantime, I thought I’d put a call for suggestions out to my wonderful readers to see if there is anything you’d like to see me write about here. Just drop your suggestions in the comments. And thanks again for reading!


  1. I enjoy your posts about your reading lists – also i did not know about the Cemetery Dance editions of King’s books – I will absolutely pre-order The Stand if I can!

  2. Love your book reviews and list. Have read so many of the ones I have read about in here.

  3. I enjoy reading about anything technical, up to and including the day-to-day of your working experience. I really liked reading about how you’re using Obsidian.

  4. In “playing the long game” you wrote that you plan to retire at about 59.5 years old.
    I’d be interested in reading more about that. Why that particular age? What’s the plan to get there? What’s preventing you from retiring earlier, and do you even want to? I’d expect that someone in tech for 27 years would have lots of options 🙂

    1. Itamar, thanks for the suggestion. This is an interesting one. The short answer to your question is that 59.5 years is the earliest I can begin drawing on my retirement without a penalty. Doing is sooner is unlikely because we have 3 kids and saving for college makes it difficult to consider retiring any earlier. That’s okay, though. I know that many people have to work much longer than this and that we are incredibly fortunate to be in the position to consider retiring at such a relatively young age.

  5. There are so many Stephen King books I’ve lost track – could you do more on his books and which ones are the best to read – particularly the recent ones.

    Would like to hear more about how you use Obsidian for tracking your reading (not so much the mechanics but what sort of thing to do you add to a note)

  6. Any thoughts or concerns you might have related to cyber security. Potential tips/processes you employ to protect yourself.


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