Graceful Art

We have friends coming to the house this evening and as we tidied up this morning, I noted some wonderful, colorful art scattered about the house. The Little Miss has been producing this art recently at a prolific rate. I picked four pieces that I really liked and asked her permission to post them here. So this morning, I present you with four pieces of what I think of as Graceful Art.

1. Hello Summer

Hello Summer artwork by the Little Miss

This is my personal favorite of the four. We spent five hours at our pool club yesterday afternoon. School was out, the weather was perfect, we were surrounded by friends. Hello summer, indeed.

2. Sunshine or Darkness

You can choose a life of sunshine or a life of darkness artwork by the Little Miss

This seems to me a remarkably astute observation for an almost ten year old.

3. Milk Friends

Milk friends, artwork by the Little Miss

The Littlest Miss has an alarm set for every evening at 8:30p. It is her milk time and she pours herself a big cup of milk and then goes on with her business. Sometimes I will join her and have a glass myself. When I was a kid, milk was my favorite drink, and it is still pretty high up there as an adult.

4. Coffee Time

Coffee Time artwork by the Little Miss

I have never been a coffee drinkers, and I am not sure the Little Miss is either. But in answer to my questions on this particular piece, she told me this one was done especially for her grandmother.

Happy Saturday. Enjoy the art!


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