Reading Drought Resolved!

Yesterday, I made a plea for something to read. I’d been floundering and unable to figure out what I wanted to read next. Readers came to my rescue with a number of recommendations. Ultimately, I went with Drew’s suggestion of The British Are Coming by Rick Atkinson.

cover of rick atkinson's book the british are coming

I read Atkinson’s books on World War II late in 2019 and really enjoyed them. I am also a fan of early American history, particularly Revolutionary times, and I’d actually had Atkinson’s new book on a to-read list for a long time, but just hadn’t taken the plunge. After Drew’s suggestion, I settled down with it before bed, and I I knew right away it was the right choice.

From here, the butterfly effect of reading should take hold. Already I’m considering Walter Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin next. (I read H. W. Brand’s biography of Franklin almost 20 years ago, so a refresher would be in order.)

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions! You really helped me out of a tight spot!

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  1. Adding to my list! I’ve recently taken more of an interest after spending the late spring/early summer solving the mystery of my family past (great grandfather was orphaned – yay DNA analysis). Knowing what I know now, I think it will give me a new context on reading early American history that I didn’t have before.


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