Happy 10th Birthday to the Little Miss

One of the nice things about having this blog for the last 16 years is that when I reflect on things from, say, ten years ago, I can link to what I wrote about those events.

As it happens, the Little Miss turned ten years old today. Hard to believe it has been ten years since the day she was born. Looking back at those ten year-old posts, I was reminded the anxiety I was feeling the night before she was born.

To celebrate here on the blog, the Little Miss has granted me permission to use her first name here on out1. So let me wish a very happy 10th birthday to Grace, a.k.a., the Little Miss. Below are some photos of her then, and today.

I think she has had a good day. She got her favorite donuts for breakfast, went on a ropes course with friends, had lunch at McDonalds, went the pool, and this evening, she has more friends over for pizza and cupcakes.

And in one week, the Littlest Miss will turn five!

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  1. I’m sure I’ve done this in the past, but I generally tried to stick to the Little Man or the Little Miss until the kids were old enough to understand I was writing about them and were okay with me using their names here.


  1. Happy Birthday Grace!

    My own ‘little one’ turns ten tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like yesterday that she arrived and turned our lives upside down. What a journey it has been, and how wonderful they are.

    Have a great day.


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