Going on a Book Spree

Sometimes the bibliophile in me gets the better of me and I go on a book-buying spree. A big spree like this doesn’t happen often, and when it does happen, it is usually because of some sale or deal. I went on such a spree yesterday, and in this case, the deal was Audible’s “Eureka” sale. They had audio books on sale for $5-7 each. I picked up a bunch of them.

If these were physical editions, I might feel weighted down, and possibly even guilty about the decreasing amount of shelf space at my disposal. Fortunately, there were all audio books and they can all easily fit into my pocket, along with the other 1,100 or so audio books I have accumulated.

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  1. I just went on my own shopping spree, and thanks to your post I learned today that the items on these sales are not the same for everybody! The Carter biography is not on sale for me 😕 I wonder if they select them based on the user’s wishlist or on previous purchases…

    1. Giovanni, good catch! I think I had the Carter bio in my cart already when I discovered the sale so that one may not have been included. I just went back and looked and indeed, I used a credit for that one.

  2. The Great Upheaval is a superb narrative history. All of Winik’s books are excellent, especially April 1865, but I personally enjoyed The Great Upheaval the most. It got me wanting to read all about Catherine the Great.


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