New Field Notes “Harvest” Edition

Yesterday, I received as part of my Field Notes annual subscription, the 52nd quarterly release: The Harvest Edition! Just in time for fall! Here is what came in my shipment:

my new field notes harvest editions

As always, I am looking forward to trying out one of the new notebooks just as soon as I fill up the one I am currently have in my pocket. Once nice thing about the current edition: the pages are perforated making them easy to tear out, if you need to be able to do that.

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  1. Just got mine as well! And with only 2 pages left in my current notebook, it won’t be long until I’m testing one out. Got my eye on the pumpkin cover for my notes this month.

    1. I’m only about halfway through my current Trailhead notebook. There’s a chance I’ll fill it up before October is out, in which case I would also opt for the pumpkin cover.


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