My New Field Notes “Ignition” Notebooks

A few days ago I received the latest installment in my Field Notes annual subscription: the “Ignition” notebook. I think there are probably a lot of people out there that would like these notebooks. The package included 2-sets of 3 notebooks. Each set includes two 26-week date books and one checklist notebook. You can see what the datebooks look like in the image above. One touch I really like is the text at the bottom of each spread of pages. In the image above, I have the first datebook open to the center spread, and the text at the bottom reads, “You’ve reached the center spread… congratulations, it’s “Staple Week!”

The quarterly kit also came with a 2022 subscriber calendar, 3 stainless steel page and line markers and a yellow Field Notes pen to match.

As it happened, I had just started a new Field Notes notebook before this one arrived. I picked the “Wood Working” notebook from the Workshop Companion edition series and this one should last me at least through the end of the year. I am tempted to use the date books beginning in 2022 as a way of keeping off my phone, but we’ll see. There is so much stuff that goes into our shared family calendar it would be impractical to transfer that information to the date book each day. Plus, I don’t want to have to carry around two notebooks.

That said, notebooks like this make great gifts, and I think I know someone who could use a notebook like this to help keep track of things: the Little Man. Now that he is halfway through middle school, he could benefit from jotting down things he has to do each day. First thing on the list: remember to turn out the lights!

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  1. Ha! Yes, the lights. Turn them off!

    I enjoy being a Field Notes subscriber, thanks to your recommendation, and I do like receiving the variety of notebooks they send out. But I do have to add that some of these notebooks, such as Ignition, are less useful to me than others. If I have no use for a datebook or a specialized checklist notebook, there’s no good way to adapt it for what I actually do need…

    1. Michael, I frequently use the notebook packs that aren’t as useful to me as gifts for friends or family. It’s kind of funny. I had an old aunt who used to give away candy whenever we went to visit her. When people come to visit me, I can frequently be seen giving away a notebook or two.

  2. As you know, I’m really jazzed about these ones. I find my organizational methods becoming more and more simple over time. I’ve basically slimmed down to keeping my daily lists and notes in my Field Notes, appointments on a paper wall calendar, and longer term project tasks on post-its on a white board kanban style.

    So I feel like moving my wall calendar to these little books are perfect, because they’ll be more portable (and I carry them in my purse, not a pocket, so 2 or 3 vs 1 makes no noticeable difference) . But my life, quite frankly, is simpler than most people’s. My main obstacle isn’t a million commitments or kids, but rather keeping out of my own way and not overcomplicating things. 🙂


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