Introducing: A Curated Index to the Blog

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed a new menu options available on the blog this weekend: A Curated Index to the Blog. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, and I managed to get about the first 10% percent completed so far.

A new menu option!

This new page takes you to a curated list of posts that I have written over the 16+ years that this blog has been in existence. With over 7,000 posts on the blog, I am trying to find ways to expose readers to stuff I have written in the past, not just posts that I am writing today. To do this, I have started to go through my massive backlog of posts, and find a representative sample that crosses the spectrum of everything I write about here.

My goal is to eventually have about 10% of the total posts listed on this curated index. As of today, I’ve indexed about 100 of these posts, so I’ve still got 500-600 to go. This is clearly a work-in-progress.

The new page provides a brief introduction, and is then followed by an alphabetical list of topics. Posts are listed in order of date below each topic. This provides a single page that someone can go to and scroll through to scan the kinds of things I write about, and maybe dive into something that they haven’t read before.

Each bullet links to the post and is followed by the date the post was published. Within a given topic, I list the posts in date order. For those posts whose titles aren’t completely clear on what the subject is about, I’ve added some annotations to give more details.

I am trying not just to pick a random sample, but a representative sample. I write about a lot of different things here and I want this index to reflect that. I am also trying to find posts that I think are particularly good, but also include some posts (particularly earlier posts) that may not be up to my standards today, but are accurate historical representations of how I was writing on the blog 10 or 15 years ago.

I’ve wanted a place to point people to when they ask, “What kind of stuff do you write about?” Now I’ve got one.

Feel free to check out the new index, and let me know what you think about it. I’ll be adding more posts over the next few months until I reach my 10% goal. If there are posts you know about that you think should be on this list, please send me your suggestions.

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