Cleaning House

our clean house
Our clean house

We have cleaners who come to the house every two weeks to do a thorough cleaning. We started this several months before the Littlest Miss was born because our lives had gotten hectic and it was the state of the house that suffered for it. We’ve kept it up ever since with the same cleaners. They do a fantastic job and the house always looks and smells great when they finish.

The cleaners came the week before we headed on vacation. Then we told them we’d be away for 3 weeks and there was no need to come. They didn’t come last week when we were back because it wasn’t part of our regular cycle. That meant that for five weeks, we got to witness entropy in action. Of course, we tidied things up now and then when we were here. But honestly, the house was a mess.

However, the cleaners came first thing this morning, and when they were finished and I walked back into the house, it was such a relief! The house was clean. Really clean. It looked clean. It smelled clean. It was clean.

The finished up around 9:30 this morning and the first of the kids got home from school around 2:30 this afternoon. That meant Kelly and I had abouta 5 hours to enjoy the pure cleanliness of the house before entropy–aka our three kids–returned and once again began running things down.

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