400 Consecutive Days of Blog Posts

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Way back in 2021, I set a goal of publishing at least one blog post every day for a year. This was the norm for me for many years, but the few years prior to 2021 had seen a sharp decline in my post frequency. On December 31, 2021, I made my goal. I published at least one post every day and over the course of 365 days, ended up making 454 posts.

In 2022 I upped my game a little. I’m continuing my effort to publish at least one post each day, but I decided to try to write two posts every day. This builds up a nice little backlog of scheduled posts and helps take the pressure off those days when I am too busy to write. That’s working out pretty well so far.

It just so happened that when I woke up this morning, letting my brain wander, I realized that the 365 days of 2021 plus the 31 days in January 2022 that I’ve continued to post, plus the first four days in February 2022, including today, adds up to 400 consecutive days of publishing blog posts. And I thought I’d celebrate that fact by writing one more post to note it here. Last year, I also passed 7,000 posts over the 16+ year life of the blog, and am closing in on 7,100.

Incidentally, the traffic on the blog has been steadily creeping back up. In its peak, between 2013-16, I was averaging between 3,000 – 4,000 views per day. After 2016, when I wasn’t writing as much, the traffic began to fade and eventually dwindled to the low 100s per day. Posting every day last year has brought the numbers back up, not to their previous heights yet, but over the last few weeks I’m seeing average daily stats above 1,000 views per day again. I’m delighted to have so many folks back reading the blog again. It encourages me to write more.

And speaking of writing more, I still have my regular posts to write today. You won’t see them until at least after Valentine’s Day, but rest assured I am working on them!

Written on February 4, 2022.

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