The Case of the Missing Blog Post

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This morning, for a period of about two minutes, a blog post appeared here on the blog with the title, “Character Counts Commentaries.” Then it was gone. I thought an explanation was in order.

As regular readers know, I set a goal for myself this year to write two posts each day and thus build up a backlog of posts, scheduled in advance, in order to give me some breathing room for the days on which I was either too busy to write, or didn’t have the ideas or motivation to write. Overall, this has been going pretty well. As of today, I have posts scheduled in advance through April 18. Obviously, this means that I haven’t been writing two posts every day. If I had done from the start of the years, I’d already have posts scheduled through June. But I do pretty good, and 18 days of pre-scheduled posts is the most I have had at any point so far this year.

Regular readers also know that this is essentially a one-man operation (although I do have friendly eyes who keep on the lookout for typos in my posts). As such, I do pretty much everything here on my own. I write the posts, schedule the posts, set up the social media notifications for the posts. I do this among the usual chaos of busy days filled with the needs of three kids, my wife, and, of course, my fulltime day job. Mistakes are bound to happen, and this morning, for the first time this year, one did.

Without knowing it, you see, I’d scheduled two posts to go out at 8 am this morning. The intended post for today, Field Notes “Signs of Spring” Edition Has Arrived, was written and scheduled back on March 19, almost 2 weeks ago. The second post–the one that appeared briefly, and then disappeared–was called “Character Counts Commentaries.” This one was written on March 21 and was supposed to be scheduled for April 1. Instead, I accidentally scheduled it for today.

I could have left them both there, but when two posts come out at the exact same time, I find they compete with one another for attention. So I pulled the second post, shifted it to tomorrow, and put some notices up on social media briefly explaining what happened. It was actually a little more work than that. I had to shift every future post forward by one day to avoid “double-posting” again.

Those readers who subscribe to the blog get my posts in email at 8 am Eastern time, each morning. Those lucky subscribers would have gotten two emails this morning, and thus, have a preview of tomorrow’s post.

In way, there is a silver lining to this. It gives me a chance to explain something about the posts that will come out over the next three days. As I said, the title of tomorrow’s post is “Character Counts Commentaries” and it is the first of a 3-part series on radio and radio programs that I have enjoyed over the years.

You can look forward to the first post in the series tomorrow morning at the usual time. And for those of you who have already read it in the email notification–no spoilers, please! 😉

Written on March 31, 2022.

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  1. “Regular readers also know that this is essentially a one-man operation (although I do have friendly eyes who keep on the lookout for typos in my posts).”

    Indeed you do have some friendly eyes out here!


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