Reading for the Week of 5/15/2022

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Here is what I read this week. Some of the articles/posts may require a subscription to read them. I was heavily focused on book reading this week and so my article reading is down again.



In Progress

  • The Age of Voltaire: The Story of Civilization, Volume 9 by Will and Ariel Durant. After making my way through this series intermittantly over the last few decades, I’ve decided I want to finish it up this spring. After The Age of Louis XIV, I was particularly excited for The Age of Voltaire because the book is centered around the 18th century debate between science and religion, which is a fascinating debate.


Rest in Peace, Roger Angell

I spent this morning reading obituaries of Roger Angell, who died yesterday at 101. For those who don’t have the joy of knowing who Roger Angell is or what he did: He was the son of Katherine Seargant Angell White, first fiction editor of The New Yorker; we was the stepson of E. B. White; he was a longtime fiction editor for The New Yorker. And he was one of the greatest baseball writers who ever lived. Read a few of the obituaries below to get a sense of him. It will be well worth the time.

Any recommendations for books, articles or posts I should read? Let me know in the comments?

Written on May 21, 2022.

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