One Year of Wordle


I played my first Wordle game one year ago. This morning, I played my 365th consecutive game. It was a rare lucky day for me. I guessed the word on my second try, only the 14th time I’ve ever done that. What’s more, I had only one letter in my first try so it was a real guess on my part.


Wordle provides a win percentage without a decimal. All I can infer from this is that of the 365 games I’ve played, I won between 350-354 of them. I play these games almost entirely in my head, and I am surprised by how often my intuition leads me in the right direction.

My best consecutive win-streak is 62 games. I’m about halfway to tying that streak. If I can keep it up, I should tie my streak on September 2 and break it on September 3.


I use the same word to start each game: READY.

One third of my wins come in 4 guesses. A little more than a fourth come in 5 guesses. I keep wanting to get my 3-guess numbers to be better than my 5-guess numbers.

Things have come down to the wire for me 35 times, roughly once every 10 games that I play. And I’ve managed to win on 2-guesses once every 35 games or so on average. I’ve never gotten a hole-in-one.


Playing Wordle is part of how I wake up my brain in the morning. I do the NY Times Mini Crossword as soon as I wake up, trying to complete each puzzle in under a minute. After that, when I’m a little more alert, I turn to Wordle. It is a nice way to start the day with (usually) a couple of wins.

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