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Recent Interviews and Guest Posts

Since I haven’t had a chance to note it here specifically, I’ve recently participated in an interview and a guest post that folks might be interested in.

Interview at AlphaEfficiency Magazine

The good folks at AlphaEfficiency magazine recently interviewed me about quantified-self and productivity. It was a fun interview to do, and I think there’s some good stuff in there for folks interested in (a) how quantified self data can be used in a practical way, and (b) how to get started.


Part of the interview is available online, but to read the whole thing, you need to grab a copy of the magazine.

Guest post at the Write Life blog

This morning, I have a guest post at the Write Life Blog where I talk about 5 mistakes I’ve made in my writing career (not the only five) and what I have learned from them. You can head over to the Write Life blog to read “Writing Advice: 5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year-Old Self.”

And my interview with Jack McDevitt in Issue 29 of InterGalactic Medicine Show is now online

Wow, big day. In addition to my latest review column for InterGalactic Medicine Show going live, I see that issue 29 of IGMS is also live today. The issue includes stories by J. Deery Wray, Gary Kloster, Jared Oliver Adams, Kenneth Kao, Holli Mintzer, and Michael Haynes. The issue also includes my first interview column for IGMS. I was lucky enough to hang out with Jack McDevitt at the Nebula Weekend. Afterward, I interviewed him for the magazine. It was a lot of fun and I urge you to head on over to check out the entire issue–and the interview as well.