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Renewal day

I finally got around to renewing a bunch of subscriptions and memberships that have been collecting since the beginning of the year.

  • I renewed (and upgraded) my membership to Smithsonian
  • I renewed my subscription to SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN through 2009
  • I renewed my subscription to F&SF through 2008
  • I renewed my subscription to ANALOG through 2009

I also paid a couple of bills, including the whopper of a gas (heating) bill this month.

I’ve still got two charitable donations to send away, but I’m waiting for the next paycheck to take care of those: $200 to my local PBS station WETA, where I am a member of the President’s Circle); and $250 to the Isaac Asimov Memorial Lecture at the Hayden Planetarium. Maybe I’ll even manage to make it to the lecture this year (I’ve been donating for years and never made it to a lecture).

Sick day

I stayed home from work today because I got almost no sleep last night. It was one of those nights where I just tossed and turned and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t sleep. The harder I tried, the less it seemed I would sleep. I finally dozed off somewhere around 5:00 AM and my alarm was set to go off an hour later. I woke up, bleary-eyed at about 5:45 and decided to stay home from work in order to catch up on sleep. I would have been no good in the office anyway. I ended up sleeping in pretty late for me–until almost 10 AM.

Got the February SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today and that made me feel guilty–as I am now ever further behind than I was before. I also got my gas bill, a record for the month–peaking at just over $240. But, my house is warm and comfortable so I really can’t complain.

I finished Foundation and Chaos early this afternoon and it was super. I forgot nearly everything about that book and it was a great read. I’m just about to start on the last of the FOUNDATION books, Foundation’s Triumph, by David Brin. The ending of that book makes reading the entire series–the 7 original books and the three later books–all worth while.